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Lavender Moon Farm

Raw Clover Honey 2 LBS

Raw Clover Honey 2 LBS

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Introducing our Raw Clover Honey, a golden elixir straight from the heart of clover-dappled fields. Harvested with care and dedication, this pure honey embodies the essence of pristine meadows and delicate clover blossoms.

Each jar contains 2 pound of unfiltered, unpasteurized honey, bursting with the distinct floral notes and sweet nuances characteristic of clover nectar. Savor the natural goodness and rich aroma of this unadulterated treasure, lovingly preserved in every spoonful.

Perfect as a spread on warm biscuits, a sweetener in your morning tea, or a wholesome addition to your favorite recipes, our Raw Clover Honey lends its unique flavor and nutritional benefits to every dish it touches.

Indulge in the pure sweetness of nature with our Raw Clover Honey – a true testament to the beauty and flavor found in the heart of the clover fields.
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