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Personal Pocket Unit | 11 gram 2% OC | Flip-Top | Stream | Keychain

Personal Pocket Unit | 11 gram 2% OC | Flip-Top | Stream | Keychain

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Compact and Powerful Defense Spray

Our 11-gram defense spray is the perfect companion for safety on the go. Designed for convenience, it fits easily into a shirt pocket, boot, or vehicle, and is ideal for discreet hand-held use during close encounters. The innovative flip-top safety cap ensures it's easier and safer to use than ever.

Despite its small size, this unit packs a significant punch. It comes in a sturdy, non-refillable keychain unit that is oil-based, taser safe, and non-flammable. The stream spray pattern can reach up to 8-10 feet, providing you reliable protection at a distance.

Fox premium defense sprays are known for their fast-acting and dependable formulas, ensuring you have the best chance of thwarting an attacker. Remember, accurate aim towards the face and eyes is crucial for effective immobilization.

Choose performance over promise. Fox Labs has built a reputation on proven reliability and effectiveness, not merely on appealing claims. Your safety is paramount—make your choice wisely.

Discover why Fox Labs remains a leader in personal defense—because when it comes to your safety, only the best will do.

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