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NRA Basic PistolShooting Course

NRA Basic PistolShooting Course

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The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course is an ideal foundation for those interested in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge for responsible and safe pistol use. Designed by the National Rifle Association, this course caters to both new and experienced shooters, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of firearm safety and the intricacies of pistol operation.

The course begins with an overview of gun safety rules, followed by an introduction to various types of pistols and their individual parts and operations. Participants will learn the fundamentals of pistol shooting, including how to hold, aim, and fire a pistol, and understand the factors that influence a bullet's trajectory.

Through the course, students are also trained in the essentials of ammunition knowledge, such as learning about the various components, selection criteria based on use-case, and the safe handling and storage of ammunition. This detailed understanding prepares participants to confidently make informed choices about their ammunition in the future.

The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course also includes practical exercises. Under the direct supervision of certified NRA instructors, participants get hands-on experience in shooting a pistol at a range. Here, they can put the theory into practice, develop their shooting techniques, fine-tune their aim, and enhance their overall shooting performance.

Upon completion, attendees not only gain proficiency in handling and shooting pistols but also imbibe a strong sense of safety, responsibility, and ethics associated with firearm use. The course concludes with an examination, and successful participants receive a certificate from the NRA, signifying their competency in basic pistol shooting.

The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course, through its blend of theoretical instruction and practical application, offers a comprehensive learning journey for aspiring and experienced pistol shooters. Whether for self-defense, sport, or professional requirement, this course provides the foundation necessary for safe, proficient, and responsible firearm use.

Classes are on Mondays 8am to 4:30-5pm need to register on NRA website after payment.

1600 W 13th Ave
Denver, CO

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