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Fingerprinting Cards (FD-258)

Fingerprinting Cards (FD-258)

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Fingerprinting Service for Non-CBI Purposes

Select this service for fingerprinting needs related to non-Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) requirements. This includes:

  • Employment or licensure in states other than Colorado
  • Federal requirements
  • Immigration processes
  • ATF paperwork
  • Department of Defense (DOD) requirements
  • International purposes

Please be aware that our fingerprinting service uses the standard FD-258 card, which is widely accepted for various purposes but cannot be used for CBI fingerprint processing.


Our experienced team uses advanced digital scanners to quickly and accurately capture your fingerprints, ensuring you have the required documentation for your specific needs. We're committed to offering a smooth and efficient service, guiding you through the process and ensuring all prints meet the necessary standards.

Whether you're applying for a job out of state, submitting immigration paperwork, or dealing with ATF or DOD requirements, trust RapidPrint Background Services for your fingerprinting needs. Note: this service is primarily intended for individuals seeking fingerprinting for purposes other than CBI processing.

Place your order today, and experience the convenience and reliability of our professional fingerprinting services.

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