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3oz Mean Green Spray Fox Labs Pepper Spray 6%

3oz Mean Green Spray Fox Labs Pepper Spray 6%

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Introducing the Fox Labs Mean Green | 6% | 1.5 oz | Spray Pepper Spray, a trusted choice for law enforcement agencies nationwide. This powerful self-defense tool is designed to provide maximum personal safety and security.

The One Point Four® Pepper Spray is named for its independent lab-tested 1.4 major capsaicinoids, the true measure of heat in pepper sprays. This formula starts with Fox Labs' original legacy formula, which uses 5.3 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) OC pepper, and then doubles the pepper content, making it one of the hottest formulas ever offered by Fox Labs.

This pepper spray is oil-based (most pepper sprays are water-based), giving the spray greater distance and stronger effects upon impact. The 2 oz Stream variant of the One Point Four® Pepper Spray provides a focused spray pattern for maximum effect against threats, reaching up to 15-17 feet.

In addition to its extreme heat, the One Point Four® Pepper Spray also includes an invisible Ultra-Violet (UV) marking dye. This dye aids in suspect identification, adding an extra layer of security for the user.

The spring-loaded flip top helps prevent accidental discharge, making it a reliable and safe tool for personal protection. This can is the same size that officers carry every day, allowing you to carry what the police carry.

Please note that the One Point Four® Pepper Spray is among the strongest pepper sprays in the world, and its use should be handled with care. Always follow local laws and regulations regarding its possession and use.

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